Green Program


Get an introductory Basic Play Technique video from our Instructor Johannes Peitz completely for free.


Program recommended for: All levels, from early students to advanced students and professionals.


The objective of this Green Program is to become familiar with the steps of the Johannes Peitz Work Method that can be carried out for a short time or even followed for months or years:

1.- Record your own Recording.

2.- Receive a Written Feedback.

3.- Work with the parameters described in the Written Feedback.

4.- Have the Online Lesson from your own home.


Program recommended for All levels, from early students to advanced students and professionals.

*The Green Program is limited to one time per participant.




The Green Program is designed for those restless clarinetists who want to learn, who like the comfort of their home, but who do not give up on learning and improving with the Clarinet.

 Submit a video of  your choice (up to 5 minutes)
 Receive personalised and detailed written feedback
 Get Basic Play Technique Exercises
30 m private lesson with Johannes Peitz

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